Susan said:
So what about this Pilgrim?
Baptism, for the worthy recipient, is a sign and seal of an inward reality.

Can we all agree with that definition? We will still disagree about what a "worthy recipient" is though and could discuss that till the cows come home. argue
[Linked Image] For the very reason you state after the question. rolleyes2 Why? This is insufficient to qualify as a definition because you simply cannot know the spiritual state of the "worthy recipient". What I will agree to is this: "Baptism is a sign and seal of an inward reality to and of a true believer." grin This qualifies because it is OBJECTIVELY true in any and all cases.

As a paedobaptist; one who rejects all forms of presumption of the salvation of covenant children, who I believe are "worthy recipients", what you propose would mean that every single infant/child who is baptized is saved. This is nothing more than the same error Baptists make in their insistence that baptism IS "an outward sign of an inward reality"! rofl

Now, I violated my own decision to further my involvement here. stupidme This is my final response .... honest! :laugh

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