My family is going on a trip to Yosemite/San Francisco! I'll be gone July 13-22. I've told my parents I'm wanting to find a church to go to on the 18th, and they are letting me!

Here's the list of churches I've found (all Reformed, of course, or at least claim to be). And all have websites, and most have audio sermons, but I haven't listened to the sermons yet. That day we will be leaving Monterey and making our way along the coast to Palo Alto:

First Baptist (Monterey)- Pastor Nathan Rehn

Covenant OPC (Castroville)- Pastor Joel Robbins

First Baptist of San Lorenzo Valley (Felton)- Pastor Steve Watkins

Reformed Heritage Church (Campbell)- Pastor Gary Wagner

Lakewood Village Baptist (Sunnyvale)- Pastor George Stevenson

First OPC (Sunnyvale)- Pastor Don Owsley

Covenant OPC (San Jose)- Pastor Jeff Landis

Another question: Since my family is no saved, they think they are, and thus partake of the Lord's Supper whenever it is served, should I decide to not go to one that is serving the Lord's Supper that day? Of course, they would be the responsible ones if they partook, and it is such a joy to partake of the Lord's Supper for me.

True godliness is a sincere feeling which loves God as Father as much as it fears and reverences Him as Lord, embraces His righteousness, and dreads offending Him worse than death~ Calvin