I will readily acknowledge that God has predestined everyone to either go to heaven or hell, my only question is, how does debating this issue help with the spreading of the gospel? What about the big words? "Supralapsarian"? "Infralapsarian"? Is a new believer or even a "seeker" (that being someone who has heard the gospel and is actively looking for more answers and a better understanding and are seemingly on their way to "making a decision") going to understand any of this? Beyond that, wouldn't seeing words like that turn them away from the true gospel and rather lead them to follow some false or even a less true gospel simply because they won't feel obligated to be a theology scholar but, rather, a follower of Christ? And isn't being a follower of Christ what matters anyway?

Like I said, I believe in this doctrine, and I am not questioning it. But do we need the big, "ugly" theological words to talk about it? Why can't we explain the various sides of this debate (or any other theological debate for that matter) in terms the regular person can understand? I am sorry to stray from the topic a bit, but all the big words just seem frivolous.