Kalled to Preach, words mean things. They really do. And theological words mean things that are of eternal value and importance.

You certainly wouldn't expect a new employee in a plastics factory, or a soldier in boot camp, or heart surgeons, or a tax accountant not to use the meaningful words of their trades when talking about their work and explaining it to others, would you?

Well, the work of every Christian is the gospel, both to understand it ourselves and to communicate it to others. Using the correct, time honored, agreed-upon-through-creeds-and-confessions theological terms and definitions is not only useful it is desirable because through the use of those precise terms, you end up sharing the gospel precisely and giving the person you are sharing with the "word tools" need to not only talk about the gospel but think about it, too.

Trust the past to God's mercy, the present to God's love and the future to God's providence." - St. Augustine