Pilgrim said:
So, before these two individuals were born, God had loved Jacob and thus elected him to salvation. And contrariwise God hated Esau and thus _______ him to eternal damnation. Now, you go ahead and fill in the blank. You don't like the word "reprobate[d]"? fine.. give me a better one. But the undeniable fact is that God's predestination includes both love toward and hatred of individuals; aka: salvation and damnation. Unless God has determined the end of those who are destined to hell, as well as those destined to glory, then you are left with a god Who is not the God Who has revealed Himself in Scripture as the SOVEREIGN LORD, but the "reasonable" god of man's imagination.

In His sovereign grace,

Are you saying nothing more than Esau is necessarily damnable according to that which God in His impeccable goodness, perfect justice, and the immutability of His hatred ordained before the foundation of the world? Or, are you assigning to God a purpose to cause Esau to be damnable? If yes, that is my objection to word "reprobation."