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speratus said:
Paul, unlike Calvinists, carefully distinguishes between the work of God, who alone prepares vessels of honor, and the work of devil and of man, who made himself a vessel of dishonor at the instigation of the devil. Thus, the devil and man are the cause of men being fitted for destruction not an unbiblical decree of reprobation.
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I will refrain from accusations against Calvinists.

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Again, since you have professed to hold that ALL THINGS have been foreordained by God, yet you state that men fit themselves for destruction, contrary to Paul's inspired statements in Romans 9:21, 22 and Peter also in 1Peter 2:7, 8, it begs the question: "WHEN did/does God decree the end of the wicked to destruction?". Calvinists are in agreement with the Scriptures and hold that God's decree(s) are from eternity, which of necessity includes God's foreordination/predestination of reprobation for the wicked. Do you hold to a form of "Open Theism" whereby God sits in the heavens in ignorance about those whom He has not elected to salvation? Truly, if God has not elected an individual, what other end is there awaiting him/her?

Again, this is all soooooooo simple. If there is one opening for a job and there are two applicants contending for the position and the boss chooses one, then he has of necessity also chosen to reject the other. Even a child can comprehend such things. But truly, only a child of God can and will accept God's indisputable sovereignty and right to save whom He will and to damn whom He will. "Salvation is of the Lord." (Jonah 2:9)

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God foreordains all events. God could just as easily save all as some. The blood of Christ is of infinite merit.

Can we therefore conclude that God's purpose in permitting events which appear evil to us is to cause the damnation of the reprobate? No, God's purpose is to cause the salvation of the elect. Thus, the salvation of the elect is taken out of their own hands and placed in the hands of Almigthy God whose purpose can not fail. On the other hand, God does not purpose the damnation of any (choose to pass by). The damned are justly condemned by their own sin.