God foreordains all events. God could just as easily save all as some. The blood of Christ is of infinite merit.

Can we therefore conclude that God's purpose in permitting events which appear evil to us is to cause the damnation of the reprobate? No, God's purpose is to cause the salvation of the elect. Thus, the salvation of the elect is taken out of their own hands and placed in the hands of Almigthy God whose purpose can not fail. On the other hand, God does not purpose the damnation of any (choose to pass by). The damned are justly condemned by their own sin.

Everything stems from the purpose of God. Augustine started this "passing by" of which Sproul adheres to also. This is done to take God off the hook for the damnation of individuals.

The problem arises when one concludes, as an ifra does, that God views man as fallen the decrees. This cannot be. God is not bound by anything in man. Sin is not in His mind when the purpose fo God is set forth in eternity. The key is in the phrase "The same lump". Now is this lump fallen or is it not? Scripture confirms that it is not fallen. FOr if it was, then sin would be the cause of reprobation. God will not purpose anything based on what is found in man. I believe this is where the infras error. They call it unconditional, but then view sin as the condition of reprobation. It cannot be both ways. Both election and reprobation find their cause in the free triune God. And neither is believing the reason for election, nor unbelief the reason for repobation. God remains free from all external actions of men when purposing His decree. God is Sovereign in both election and reprobation. IF sin were the cause for reprobation, then all would be reprobated because all have sinned.. THis by no means makes God the cause of sin in individuals. Because the elect also sin. Reprobation MUST be distinguished between condemnation. Men are condemned justly for their sin, men are reprobated is a sovereign act of God.

One MUST remeber God elected/reprobated without viewing men as created or sinful. Reprobation is more than just a passing by of fallen men. IT is a positive determination ordained from eternity only for the Glory of God.

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There never was a sinner half as big as Christ is as a Savior.