speratus said:
J_Edwards said:
Speratus does God use means to ensure His work of providence is carried out? Now, when did God devise these means? Did He foreordain them? If God does not stop these means does it not mean that in some form (by eternal decree) He is involved in reprobation.

To offer saving grace to all and to give the Holy Spirit who works saving faith when and where He pleases.
Before the worlds.
It is not will of God that any should despise preaching and the Sacraments. God hardens and reprobates those who reject the Word and resist the Holy Ghost (e.g., unworthy guests eat and drink damnation not discerning the Lord's body).
But, as now you concur God foreordained these means "Before the worlds." What do you call this foreordaining? Could we call this reprobation? If not, what do you call it and give references to the term?

Reformed and Always Reforming,