beloved57 said:
Then how did it get in Gods universe if God did not create it?
It is known as "secondary causes". In this particular case, as you have already been told by several here, the created beings, both angelic and human brought about sin, i.e., sin is rebellion against God. Sin is not a "thing" but an action and/or state of being. Thus it is utterly impossible that God could create sin for to do so it would require that He rebel against Himself.

There are myriad examples one could give of this principle of truth where God created something and from that creation something else happens, for example, God created the basic sounds that comprise music. But one cannot say that God created "Heavy Metal" or "Jazz", etc. Man, using those things which God created and the communicable attributes he is endowed with in his creation creates various forms of music.

And over ALL things, which God Himself has created or which are the result of secondary causes, the Lord God providentially controls them according to His eternal counsel.

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