Since you like “this article” so much what do you do with statements like those below that contradict your so-called beliefs (and Cheung’s at some places). You claim that God is the Author of Evil, but Cheung states “in your article”:

If God indeed determines all natural events and human affairs, then it follows that he has also DECREED [not AUTHORED] the existence of evil.

Since we derive our very concept and definition of goodness from God, to accuse him of evil would be like saying that good is evil, which is a contradiction.
Now, I nor anyone else here has enough time to go through Cheung’s article (or his Systematic) and expose all the false and questionable theology. However, you are merely appealing to a man, who has already managed to destroy his reputation among the knowledgeable theologians of our era. In addition, you appealed to Sproul before and quoted only that portion that “you thought” supported your case, however when exposed and you realized you had failed in your attempt to deceive you just walked away from the post.

Appeal to Scripture, if you can? Make a complete exegetical argument from Scripture (i.e. you must comment on the Scripture in detail and not just cut and paste it). If you can’t then you will have proven “once again” that your fanaticism is unfounded, false, and heretical.

Reformed and Always Reforming,