beloved57 said:
Read this article, http://www.asweetsavor.150m.com/ta/ncp.html it puts things in the perspective that I am attempting to get across.God causes everthing. Joe k, before reading this article, if you decide to read it, answer me this, Do you believe that adam sinned according to Gods purpose ? Was it Gods will, for adam to fall ? Yes or no. Did God purpose adam to sin?

Darryl, I am through with the dance. You MUST listen and do what you are told. Until you read the article by CC Morris and contradtict anything found there, I will nto do a thing.

BAsically what I am saying is we are all guests here, but you are not going to continue this potporri of questions without addressing one at a time. Read the article by morris. You put this sweetsavor stuff all the time. I am showing you that PB's are not in your corner. Only the ones who have gone off the deep end.

There never was a sinner half as big as Christ is as a Savior.