beloved57 said:
Do you believe that adam sinned according to Gods purpose ? Was it Gods will, for adam to fall ? Yes or no. Did God purpose adam to sin?
Here we are once again trying to deal with the likes of you. [Linked Image]

That question has been answered myriad times, I think by everyone who has responded to you in this thread. God has foreordained ALL THINGS, including the Fall. This is NOT the issue of contention here. What is germane is your insistence that "God is the Author of sin", which the Church and everyone here categorically denies, but you. Foreordination is not a synonym for creation. And until you understand that point, you will continue to hold to heresy of which we will not permit you to promulgate on this Board. Can you at least comprehend that much? [Linked Image]

FYI, I am not a "guest" here and I do have authority over what is allowed including your presence on this Board. [Linked Image]

In His grace,

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simul iustus et peccator

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