Well, what we have been trying to tell you is clearly brought out in Cheung's article, which is sheer heresy. At least there is now no possible reason for anyone to be confused as to what it is exactly you believe concerning this matter of God being the "Author of sin".

To be perfectly honest, I am not going to waste my time refuting Cheung nor you on this subject since you have displayed an unteachable spirit and seem adamant in opposing the doctrine of the historic Christian Church, which men far more knowledgeable of Scripture than Cheung or you have ably defended. But I would point out one obvious error, which also demonstrates Cheung's fallacious hermeneutic, i.e., his rendering of the Scriptures in order to promote his heresy.

Cheung writes:
And Paul does not say, "But God is not the author of sin," but instead he says, "God has the right to make one person righteous and another person evil, to save one and damn another. Of course no one can resist his will! But who are you to talk back?" [re: Rom 9:19-21]
Even a grammar school student can read that passage and conclude that Cheung's interpretation of it is wrong. The text does NOT say that God "makes one person evil". God has never created anything evil and He certainly has never and never will nor can He create anything, including a man, "evil". It would be 1) a categorical contradiction and violation of His own nature, and 2) such a man who was created "evil" would not be responsible nor accountable for any sin he committed. The text is dealing with the subjects of "Predestination" and "Election"; God's dealing with members of the human race who are seen as fallen. Out of the mass of Adam's race, God has the prerogative to choose some to eternal life and to consign the rest to damnation. That is the teaching of the passage and NOT that God "creates" ex nihilo human beings as being either good or evil.

Now that you have made your position crystal clear, again I am going to warn you that if you persist in promoting this blasphemous heresy, you will be removed from this Board. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/scold.gif" alt="" />

In His grace,

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simul iustus et peccator

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