In Peter Master's excellent article The Merger of Calvinism with Worldliness, he mentions both C.J. Mahaney and his replacement Joshua Harris. I thought you should be aware of some of their particular views which you may want to pursue further or perhaps reconsider the sovereign grace church. scratchchin

In times of disobedience the Jews of old syncretised by going to the Temple or the synagogue on the sabbath, and to idol temples on weekdays, but the new Calvinism has found a way of uniting spiritually incompatible things at the same time, in the same meeting.

C J Mahaney is a preacher highly applauded in this book. Charismatic in belief and practice, he appears to be wholly accepted by the other big names who feature at the ‘new Calvinist’ conferences, such as John Piper, John MacArthur, Mark Dever, and Al Mohler. Evidently an extremely personable, friendly man, C J Mahaney is the founder of a group of churches blending Calvinism with charismatic ideas, and is reputed to have influenced many Calvinists to throw aside cessationist views.

It was a protégé of this preacher named Joshua Harris who started the New Attitude conference for young people. We learn that when a secular rapper named Curtis Allen was converted, his new-born Christian instinct led him to give up his past life and his singing style. But Pastor Joshua Harris evidently persuaded him not to, so that he could sing for the Lord. New Calvinists do not hesitate to override the instinctual Christian conscience, counselling people to become friends of the world.
Re: Calvary Presbyterian Church, their view of worship is "mixed". They state:

We desire to express ourselves to God in reverence, joy, authenticity, truthfulness, devotion, passion, love and thankfulness. While there is liberty in the specific styles or forms of worship, Calvary has adopted a more traditional style of worship that has incorporated some songs of worship that have a Gospel-centered, contemporary flavor to them.
My overall estimation of the PCA is similar to yours, i.e., the majority have left their traditional Presbyterian roots and adopted various and myriad doctrines and practices which are inconsistent with the Westminster Standards and their historic interpretation and application.

Are you close to Charlottesville, VA? Have you searched for an OPC congregation or a Heritage Reformed congregation near you? The OPC isn't exempt from problems either, but I think there are a few more reasonably good congregations in that denomination vs. the PCA. The Heritage Reformed denomination at this point is quite good.

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