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Unfortunately this has been the main sentiment expressed about the PCUSA for many years.

This has been the "catch phrase" for anyone speaking out against the clear Apostasy. As if to say, " YOU QUITER! IT'S YOUR FAULT"

Sorry but that doesn't fly anymore. I've been fighting for Biblical Truth within the PCUSA for many years now and it's no longer a battle at all. The PCUSA is completely Apostate all across the board. This isn't about the new ruling or Homosexuality at all. It's about True Christianity and False Christianity. It's been about that for many years.

You can commend my wife all you want, but at the end of the day, she is submitting herself to the authority of false prophets preaching a false gospel.

Ref Monk,

I'm sorry for coming across the wrong way in giving the impression that anyone who leaves your church is a quitter. In fact, I believe that there is no wrong answer in this decision. There is certainly merit in staying in the fight and battling for the truth, but who can blame anyone for wanting to pull out of stormy waters and seeking a church body where everyone is in agreement. The place where we worship should not be a battle zone. What's most important is that you and your wife are on the same page and I pray that will happen.

My larger point was about how unconverted hearts are utterly estranged from the Bible. They don't see themselves as in conflict with the Bible, but rather the dominant interpretation of it. I find they are not dissimilar to the liberal left in America and their treatment of the Constitution. Because they hate liberty and seek the implimentation of tyranny, they read the Constitution very differently from how it was written. They see "rights" that don't exist, or they dismiss the document altogether as descended into antiquity (sound familiar?)

The parallel is important because forces at work in your church also, not by coincidence, vote Democrat and support a very leftist agenda. After they've achieved their goal of corrupting a denomination, they will then go after other denominations like the Sodomites who oppressed the outlying villages after gaining dominion over Sodom and Gomorrah. I bring this up because I disagree that this is about true Christianity vs false Christianity. These people are not Christian in any sense of the word and will drop the charade as soon as they've achieved their mission.

Liberalism -- Ideas so good, they have to be mandated.