I guess I am a little bit confused at why you mentioned DeYoung.
When you said:
So, if using our understanding of biblical theology when it comes to biblical roles between men and women, there really are not many, if any, conservatives in the PCUSA.

I read a good article by DeYoung regarding making non-essentials essentials. I really do not think we are in our view on ordination of women, but there would be those who disagree. Should we not be so dogmatic on it?

In the context of this thread and with your mentioning DeYoung's article, it made it sound like you thought it might not be an issue to be dogmatic about.

Given the fact that you said you agreed with Pilgrim that this matter is "essential". Do I understand you correctly that before you read what Pilgrim had to say you were not sure that this matter was an essential. But now in light of Pilgrim's reasoning you agree that it is a matter we should be dogmatic about?
Oh by the way, I have the June issue of Table Talk, I will have to read the article.