Sorry for the confusion. Sometimes it seems I make leaps but I just do not have the discipline to write 3-4 sentences in expaining what I mean. I was reading DeYoung's article around the same time I was reading through this thread. It has always puzzle me when conservatives within the PCUSA ranks are referenced. I am unwilling to give them the seal of biblical conservatism as apostasy has been accepted within the PCUSA ranks for decades. So, I agreed with Pilgrim before he replied. Still, I wonder if some elements of egalatarianism can fit into biblical orthodoxy.

When reading DeYoung's article it is good for us to be open that we may be overly dogmatic Not necessarily with our convictions; but the lack of graciousness we display with others that may disagree with us. Christianity is more than just right doctrine, though we can never forsake biblical Christianity.

On this subject of the PCUSA, I have a difficult time with the naming of the minority as conservatives. I just don't think arguiing for a correct view on some issues does not make one a biblical conservative. Yet it is good to be reminded that I should always be gracious.

(I think I am rambling, so I will stop)

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John Chaney

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