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So, if using our understanding of biblical theology when it comes to biblical roles between men and women, there really are not many, if any, conservatives in the PCUSA.

I read a good article by DeYoung regarding making non-essentials essentials. I really do not think we are in our view on ordination of women, but there would be those who disagree. Should we not be so dogmatic on it?
IF there are any TRUE conservatives, i.e., those who hold to the traditional, historic Reformed faith as set forth by the Westminster Standards and its application as held for centuries by the Reformers and Puritans, they are extremely rare.

The ordination of women is NOT a non-essential for it has to do with the nature and order of the Church in which the truth is expounded and applied, the sacraments are administered and discipline is acted upon, all according to God's revealed will. The Church is a reflection of Christ himself and His 'beloved' for whom He sacrificed himself for the redemption of the elect. This is no small matter but the very essence of sending forth the Christ.

This is a late response to Pilgrim's post but I would like to thank him for that.

The issue of the ordination of women as TE and RE in our denomination will yet again be on the table at our next synod in January 2012. At the synod of 2009 the vote was against women being allowed as TE and RE. However, a number of petitions against that decision are apparently in the process of being prepared. Our church has also prepared such a petition. Of course, I don't agree with that and the pastor and others knows it. One of the points being made in the petition is that it has nothing to do with salvation, ie. being a non-essential matter, but Pilgrim's view as expressed above is, I think, right on target.