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Again, I'm not being flippant, but since you are a mere man, I can't accept your statement as infallible. Right?

You can't accept me as infallible. My statement may or may not be in accordance with God's infallible word. I certainly think it is in accord, or I would not have stated it. wink

It seems to me that if they are not obscure, then we have little need of elders/presbyters/bishops, or of seminaries, or of Mt 18:17 or of a lot of things really. If they are not obscure, I wonder why most of the Christian world was Arian at one time...I wonder about all the Christological heresies that were so persistent back in the day, and even in our own day.

There would be no need of written revelation at all if God were simply directly communicating his word through church councils. Indeed, what could possibly be the point of God providing us with Scripture at all if the same Scripture could not clearly convey those truths necessary for us to know & if there were already the mechanism of Holy Spirit-inspired church councils to settle all such disputes anyway? The sinfulness of man enables man to make obscure even the most clear things; however much is necessary to satisfy his own rotten desires. The decision of the PCUSA General Assembly - a council composed of that church's seminary-trained elders - to allow ordination of unrepentant sodomites - in spite of the clear testimony of Scripture - is a pertinent example. These men are sinners, deceivers, & apostates, not sincere Christians who are befuddled by "obscure" matters in Scripture.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.