Thanks for your reply. I fall more in the line of Pilgrim and Robin on this. I am familiar with Matheison, but have not read his book. My thread question comes from an article he wrote in Tabletalk titled "The millennial Maze" In it he explains the 4 positions (Historical pre-mill, Dispensational pre-mill, Amill, & Post-mill). I'm beginning to think the the Post-Mill camp needs to be divided as the Pre-Mill, but how and who? Here is what Matheison wrote in the article:

Postmillennialism teaches that the 'thousand years' of Revelation 20 occur prior to the second coming of Christ. Until recently, most postmillennialists taught that the millennium would be the last thousand years of the present age. Today, many postmillialists teach that the millennial age is the entire period of time between Christ's first and second advents. As we will see, this means that contemporary versions of postmillennialism are very close in many ways to comptemporary amillennialism. The main difference between the two is not so much the timing of the millennium as the nature of the millennium. In general, postmillennialism teaches that in the present age, the Holy Spirit will draw unprecedented multitudes to Christ through the faithful preaching of the gospel. Among the multitudes who will be converted are the ethnic Israelites who have thus far rejected the Messiah. After the end of the present age, Christ will return, there will be a general resurrection of the just and the unjust, and the final judgement will take place.

Matheison claimes to be a post-mill, but that statement is hard to distinquish between the two.

Here are my questions. Does contemporary eschatology positions vary from the first centuries of the Reformation? If so, then how can anyone claim to take the original view of any position? I'm pretty confident that Matheison is not a Rushdooney Theonomic post-mill, but is Matheison position the same as what Edwards, Hodge, Thornwell, Warfield taught? So, is there actually 3 camps of Post-mills? Did the latter bunch (in last sentence) ascribed to a golden age. Though it might have gotten corrupted by the liberals who taught that we (soceity) were getting better.

Does anyone want to clear this maze, or does the maze continue into a bigger one.

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