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R... my pastor is Historic Premillenial ( same as Spurgeon was) and I being how much the Church has going for it, I would be foolish to leave over that issue.

Indeed. Historic premillennialism (chialism) would be no basis for "breaking fellowship." Today's popular Premillennialism is Dispensational, and that would be, for me at least, sufficient cause to look elsewhere, with it's two peoples of God, it's separate plans of salvation for each of them, it's completely foreign economy of salvation.

Postmillennialism seems to take a few different forms nowadays. I am more familiar with the "Dominion theology" I was taught in the Charismatic Word-Faith movement. Oddly mixed with a Dispensational bias, it emphasizes a militant Church taking dominion of the Earth through "spiritual warfare" and promises a latter-day resurgence of the charismatic gifts and restoration of the 1st-century offices of apostle and prohet. I vividly remember a widely published "prophetic vision" from Morningstar (Kansas City) which proclaimed that God would use Bill Clinton's presidency to bring unprescedented revival to America.

(oops, I guess they were wrong, but y'know, prophecy isn't an exact science after all, right? bingo )

But there are other forms of Postmillennialism, from the more biblical Postmillennialism of Jonathan Edwards to the Christian Reconstructionism of Gary DeMar, which lends itself as much to to political solutions as to "conquering the culture" through personal discipleship.

At least two of the modern forms of Postmillennialism - the confusing Charismatic "Dominion" flavor, and the Christian Reconstructionist version - would be reason, in my opinion, to "break fellowship," because of their errant and in my opinion arrogant view of the Church and her work in the world.

Proclaiming the truth, demonstrating the truth, conforming to the truth is our mission and work. The outworking of that, historically, has brought times of prosperity only rarely, and more often has brought persecution which purifies and strengthens the true Church while scattering the pretenders. History's example is one of the reasons I lean towards an Amillennial view.