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I am not American, however I have done some homework on Don Trump and although many of the things he says is true. We should be tough when we need to be and we also want the President to be tough. Yet, I have been reading a lot of what Trump has said and to be frank, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.
He insults his opponents based on their looks and this is not hard to prove, just look at the Republican candidate debate.
I have every reason to believe that he is a liberal disguised as a conservative.
1. When it comes to politics, most people suffer from cerebral myopia. grin

2. Remember, it is election time and whatever 'dirt/mud' the opposition can drudge up, it will be slung.

3. The ones most targeted by the mud slinging are those who are at the top of the polls. Notice, there far less attacks on those who have little to no possibility of winning elections.

4. Most of the attacks are half truths at best. The attackers are no different than the ones they are attacking. What I mean by that is politicians are masters of deceit and liars. They rarely answer questions directly and when they do, they put a 'spin' on it with the intent to avoid the truth. Most of the recent attacks on Trump have been about what he said or did in 2006 or some earlier date, which is totally antithetical to what the man now says. The questions that should be asked are:
- Are they true?
- Has Trump made an about face and is now opposed to what he used to be in favor of?

5. Donald Trump is certainly no 'saint' by any stretch of the imagination. rolleyes2 But I must say that even the worst of the Republican candidates is more conservative than the two Democratic candidates. And, by far, more conservative than Trudeau and most any other Canadian Premier that has ever been elected. That does NOT mean that I give any of these people a pass. nono It all comes down to voting for the one who is least evil.

6. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a firm supporter of Donald Trump nor any of the candidates currently running for office, whether it be for President, Senator or Representative.

7. Lastly, re: voters... Most people vote according to what they perceive will benefit themselves, i.e., "what's in it for me?" The mentality they have is a direct violation of the 10th Commandment. They see what the "rich" have and think that the rich should be divested of their wealth and given to them. For example, a massive amount of the young believe that the government should pay for their college tuition. But rarely do they consider where this money will come from, never mind WHY should anyone pay for their education? The answer is a 'no-brainer'; HIGHER TAXES on everyone is the typical solution to all government sponsored social programs. And higher taxes mean wages are worth less, goods and commodities cost more, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Communism resides in the hearts of the majority of people. wink

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