My embracing the Amil view about 5-6 years back (maybe longer) came mainly through reading books like William Hendrilksen's book 'More than Conquerors', and other articles. I had been studying the various eschatological views for quite some time and as I looked at the Scripture passages each position used for their views, I started leaning more and more towards the Amil position.

I definitely agree with you that ultimately it is God inspired Word, that I need to bow to.

My wanting to understand more about the history of eschatology, has more to do with learning about the history of Christianity. For example, my learning about the doctrines that came out of the Protestant Reformation, contributed to where I am today. Some of that knowledge came the resources here on the Highway.

I guess my point is, I was hoping to dig a little deeper into history to hopefully help me gain more understanding of Amillennialism.

Maybe, my studies would be better used elsewhere?
I certainly plan on reading the article you provided.

I thought I would also let you know, that almost all the Reformed Baptist theologians and pastors, I have listened to or read in past few years are Amii. That is not to say that I only listen and read Baptists, it is because I am one.


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