1. In my years of study I came to the conclusion that "covenant baptism" is the more biblical view too.

2. HOWEVER, I part with most, not all, Presbyterians in paedobaptism because they also embrace "Presumptive Regeneration", which means they consider infants of believing (confessing church members) are to be presumed to be saved, or will eventually be saved, or as Berkhof likes to phrase it, they have the 'seed of faith' within them. This to me is a grievous error for it dictates how children are raised. Most of these folks will catechize their children assuring them that God is their "Father" and they his "children" and to pray accordingly. But Scripture is clear that although God is the Creator of all men, He is only a "Father" to those who have been justified in Christ and possess the indwelling Spirit Who leads them in a life of sanctification. Scripture is perspicuous in teaching that ALL are born in sin... ALL are DEAD in sin... NO ONE seeks God... and ALL need to be born from above which is not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. Israel, as God's chosen nation/people of God for the most part perished in unbelief, yet they were all "covenant children". If one is to presume anything, it is that children are "little vipers in diapers" and are in desperate need of hearing the Gospel and prayers that they may be given mercy and grace by God working in them bringing them to conviction of sin, repentance and faith in Christ. Are covenant children exactly like all other worldly children? No, they are given great privilege for to them is given the MEANS of GRACE, through the preaching and teaching of the Word, the example of having godly parents and being the object of the prayers of the saints that God would save them.

3. Many serious problems and errors flow out of the "presumptive regeneration" position, e.g., Shepherdism, Federal Vision, NPP, etc., and even if these heresies and the like are avoided, the fact remains that the pews become filled with unregenerate members and some occupy pulpits of churches.

4. Lastly, as to counsel in regard to your knowing what to do in your life at this point. My opinion is... Given the horrendous condition of the visible church at this time, which I believe will only continue to worsen, unless you could find a doctrinally solid Presbyterian church and one that avoids all the above problems and one that rightly administers the sacraments and practices church discipline, I would definitely remain in your current Baptist church, which I am assuming again, is doctrinally sound, etc. In my experience, there have been a few good Baptist churches which would allow me to be a member based upon the fact that I have a credible profession of faith and I have been baptized both as an infant and adult, albeit by aspersion. In short, they do not add "immersion" as a requirement for credible salvation and withhold the Lord's Supper to anyone who has not been immersed in baptism, thus making baptism a work added to faith alone.

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