I'd rather stay put if I can, just because changing is painful and difficult. I might be forbidden to teach anymore, though.

In the Presby churches I have first-hand knowledge of, none teach baptismal regeneration! Neither overtly nor by implication. But I understand that some sects probably at least infer it, like Federal Vision. One of my former moderators of the old ExCharisma group (back when it was on YahooGroups) went that way and I removed him. It was heartbreaking, since he had been so influential in bringing many in the old group to the Reformed faith.

It's probably far more rare to find a Baptist church that teaches the doctrines of grace than to find a Presbyterian one that assumes such a heretical view of baptism, isn't that so? Maybe it depends on where you are geographically, perhaps. Here in the South it may be the case.

If I am forbidden to teach by my present church, I may have to look for an alternative, since teaching is part of my call. In fact it's part of everyone's calling in Matt 28:18-20, "teaching them to observe all that I commanded you (verse 20)."

Thanks for your reply, Pilgrim.