I got it now... That was one of the big, huge, ginormous issues I had with a former ExCharisma moderator who embraced Federal Vision. They just turned the Reformation on it's head to justify paedocommunion by claiming that entrance into the church (via baptism for covenant children) meant that they were full participants in salvation, with or without faith. That is no more true of baptized kids than it was of circumcised Jews (of any age).

I'm glad the PCA dealt strongly with that heresy years ago, but there are still those in that denomination who think it was "too harsh." As if a call back to Rome should be tolerated in any way. Now it looks like this week's General Assembly may assign the same "tolerance" to same-sex-attracted church officers.

They say, "I was born this way, the attraction is immutable although sinful, so I promise to be celibate and not practice homosexual acts."

I think it's bad theology, actually. First of all, the Apostle Paul didn't call it "sexual orientation" or whatever. His term for it is, unnatural affection. And secondly, it's not immutable!

Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified... (1st Cor 6:11)
They claim positional sanctification while denying practical sanctification. Yes, God loves us the way we are, but too much to leave us that way. His ongoing work of making us like Jesus is real and unnatural affections are not immutable. They know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. I worry that the PCA values popularity and influence more than faithfulness to her Confession.