Hi Robin

It has been quite some time since I last heard from you.
Good to see you post again.

As you probably know I am a Credo Baptist, who one might
call a 1689 Federalist.
I have remained a part of the Highway because quite frankly
my life would be poorer without it.

When it comes to the subject of Credo vs Paedo, I rarely say
much on the topic. Mainly because I would rather learn from studying
both sides. I have found that in doing so, I recognize that in most cases
on other boards, Paedos and Credos speak right past each
other and often use straw men because they do not actually understand
other side.
It is because of that in the last few years, on other boards I have been known
to defend Paedo Baptist’s when they are being misrepresented.
I have actually made a few Paedo friends in the process.

I have learned a lot of what I know about Paedo Baptist’s right
here on the Highway.

I highly recommend studying both sides, from people who know their stuff.
I hope Pilgrim does not mind me sharing with you a site from the 1689 Federalism