The good news today is that I'm not on "double secret probation" or anything at my current "Reformed" SBC church, so for now there's no reason to look elsewhere.

I did visit two PCA churches near me. One was when we first moved to this little town 3 years ago. It was barely hanging on, more like a mission church than a particularized PCA church. Two or three people doing all the work, the rest pew-sitters (that according to an Elder there). Last weekend I visited another PCA church, slightly farther away but no big deal as far as distance goes, and found the same thing. One single family does literally all the work there. The teaching, preaching, song service, administration, building maintenance, Ev. Re. Thing. There is one other Elder ("Ruling" Elder") who does who knows what if anything.

In my mind, these are not truly churches at all. If the saints are not being equipped for the work of ministry so that only one or two people are doing everything and everyone else is along for the ride, it's not functioning as a church in any way. Except maybe the administration of the Sacraments.

I wonder how this gets to be the "norm" in churches. It shouldn't be! The harvest is ripe, and the workers few indeed.