PPC (Peoples Party of Canada) leader recently said during a party rally.
When tyranny becomes law, revolution becomes our duty!
Of course he is referring to things like mandatory vaccine passports and other things along those line.
I agree with him; yet the way I am hearing a lot of people I know actually believe that this tyranny is for our own good.
They do not think of it as tyranny of course.
They believe Prime Minister Trudeau's lies calling the Covid variants that are present are the fault of those who have not been vaccinated.
When Trudeau talks about these issues, he does so with anger in his voice.
Saying things like he has absolutely no tolerance for people in the health profession who are not vaccinated!
In the province I live in, as of September 13th Vaccine Passports are absolutely mandatory. There no exceptions to this, even those who have allergies to ingredients in the vaccinations are not except.
In another province, their chief medical officer stated that the vaccine is safe for even those who believe they have allergies to ingredients in the vaccine.
I could go on and on, about these kind of things.
They are tyranny pure and simple!
Unfortunately, I would not be surprised to hear PPC leader got himself arrested for saying that.
Too many people in Canada believe the lies!

I was talking to a good friend of mine about this and
he believes that more than 50 percent of the people in Canada believe in
some sort of a police state for our own good. They are that afraid of Covid.