Right you are!

Unfortunately, all parties in Canada except PPC, are in favor of Vaccine Passports.
Last September 1st there was a Canada wide protest against vaccine passports, which many people who were vaccinated participated in, mainly because they disagree with forced vaccine passports.
Unfortunately, although like any protest it brings out the crazies. The minority of them, behaved bad and others including some of my family members painted them all with the same brush.

Let me just say, that if I always said (even politely) around many of my family members what was on my mind, it would not end well. I want to do something, but if I do, it may end up as me as being an outcast from my family.

Let me add that unfortunately, even Reformed Churches in Canada have fallen prey to the lies of Trudeau concerning Covid. The members of these Reformed Churches would never vote for Trudeau. They usually vote for the Conservatives, who unfortunately agree with Trudeau on this issue as well. My former Church (yes I left it, sigh...) was the most Conservative Church, I have ever been a member of. Unfortunately, believes that Romans chapter 13 teaches we must obey the government. Many of the denominations (FIRE) Churches in the USA (of who the pastor is friends with) are completely against that understanding of Romans chapter 13 and are very vocal about it. That Church has actually split over the issue and caused a Church plant taking an elder with it, and another member who has pastor credentials.


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