Unfortunately when facts are given the health officials give their own spin on them and many believe that spin.
For example, news out of Israel that boasts the highest proportion of people vaccinated, has admitted that the vaccine is not working. The Delta Variant seems to be impervious to the vaccines. Still in the same article they contradict this fact and say that still studies prove that you are better off if you get the Delta Variant if you are vaccinated, than if you are not vaccinated. They claim that they need even more people vaccinated.

A like minded Christian friend and I were discussing this and he has come to the conclusion that unless he believes the person is teachable, he will no longer open his mouth concerning the matter. For example, one person said to him:
(name omitted) your watching too many conspiracy theories.
. He did of course, respond to this, but his response was brushed aside. The person had already made up their mind.

There are of course some situations that make it so their reaction is understandable. For example, in the former small city we lived in for 18 years, had a huge outbreak of Covid last March, which many people I know got. One in particular is a friend who is 74 years old. While the whole family got Covid, he got so sick he was put on a respirator for weeks and was in a medically induced coma. It was touch and go for a while, but he pulled through, but still has some breathing issues from it. That of course, made my own family members extremely worried about people like myself, who has not been vaccinated. They attribute the high numbers of vaccines since that time in that small city, to almost 0 numbers with Covid. They are so emotional about it, I believe they think it speaks for itself. Nothing could be said, could prove otherwise.
I myself, am close to the age where they saying are high risk. So this is the main reason why family members are very concerned about me. One person believes I am very selfish.


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