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Every true servant is sent forth from the immediate presence of the Father, ...
Could you please expand on this statement? I'm not familiar with any text that teaches that "Every true servant" on this earth has stood before the actual "presence of the Father" and who has been personally commissioned by the Father directly. (Joh 6:46; Ex 33:20; Deut 4:12; Matt 11:27; Lk 10:22; et al)

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Your question is valid considering the way it reads, but the author, like the writers of Scripture often utilize the method of "hyperbolic expression," a trait well known and understood by most Biblical commentators. I've learned that the explanation of this type of expression (hyperbolic) varies among theologians (along with "necessary inference") depending upon the text.

As we know, no earthly being in the physical body can literally be in "the Father's presence," as "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God" (1Co 15:50). Thus to me, it's in reference to when we are praying

Concerning "personally commissioned by the Father directly," I take this to be in relation to one of the Lord Jesus' commands (Mar 16:15).

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