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Thanks for taking the time to respond. 'Hyperbolic Expression' is sometimes used in communication by humans to make a point, but unfortunately, the hyperbole isn't the 'whole' truth.
I think our understanding of a hyperbole differs, which is ok of course. Examples are Mat 17:20; 23:24; Luk 14:26, etc.

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Concerning "personally commissioned by the Father directly," I take this to be in relation to one of the Lord Jesus' commands (Mar 16:15).
Yes, and others--Mat 28:19; Jhn 20:21

Not sure what you mean here: ALL 'commissions' to true believers, post resurrection
Appreciate your replies and comments!

The Christian life is not our living a life like Christ, or our trying to be Christ-like, nor is it Christ giving us the power to live a life like His; but it is Christ Himself living His own life through us; 'no longer I, but Christ.’” -MJS