I am afraid the problem is with my wording, not what I meant.

I wholeheartedly agree with you, both in Canada and the USA politicians swear to uphold their Constitutions. What I said, is actually incomplete without that in mind.

You are correct to assume the same about Canada. The section is called “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” and it guarantees roughly the same thing, as the American documents.
Therefore, please forgive me for not mentioning this truth.

I like how you covered the issues and do not mind being corrected. Needless to say that both Canada and the USA’s governing authorities have gone beyond their own authority in these mandates and therefore are making themselves the true criminals.

I personally believe that these mandates are part of an agenda for Cultural Marxism. Fortunately, many vaccinated and unvaccinated people are seeing that their rights and freedoms are being taken away. Yet, we are seeing others who seem so scared that they actually are vocal against how they believe the unvaccinated are dangerous.

For example, one person said that the unvaccinated should be rounded up and put on a deserted island somewhere. Another said that they should treat them the way they used to treat lepers. I wish I could say those attitudes were rare; but they are not.

This subject however, is dividing family members, friends and even Reformed Churches.

If I may add another element about our Constitutions. It appears that in both Canada and the USA, our governments are using them as "living documents"; rather than as the original authors meant for them to be used.

I believe an example of this, is when the Alberta (Canada) Premier about a year(?) ago was asked what he thought of vaccine mandates and vaccine passports that were rumored at the time to be something the government was thinking of doing. The Premier answered fairly quickly, something to the effect of: "They are illegal and would never fly in court.." Fast forward almost a year and Alberta is among the harshest provinces in Canada where it comes to vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. One can not even go to McDonalds without a vaccine passport.


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