Very interesting video and one that on the surface without all the obvious signs of government control, might sound very convenient.

I used to be a big fan of Albert Mohler; and although I still enjoy on occasion his broadcast called 'The Briefing'. I do have a lot of concern about how he advises people to handle issues like Covid. I believe very strongly that everyone should make their own choices based on the information available to them, as to whether or not they want to get vaccinated or not.
To me, it really is not as much about getting vaccinated or not. It has more to do with trust.

The government and their health officials have proved time and time again, that they should not be trusted.
They will tell you that the vaccines are perfectly safe and it is extremely rare to have a bad reaction.

They ignore the fact that literally millions are having serious reactions, even death after they have been vaccinated.
A friend of mine has some friends who he is (or at least was) pro-vaccine. The wife however, because of her research has not been vaccinated.
After he received his first vaccination he did not have a reaction. Yet after his second vaccination, he started having severe pain and other complications to the vaccine. When he went to his doctor, he was told in no uncertain terms that he should just stop watching all the bad information on social media.
In other words, his doctor blew him off.

I have heard many such stories, including what happens to caring doctors who do not tow the line.
Not to mention the fact that there are drugs such as Ivermectin that have proved to be very effective in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19; which are no longer allowed to be used. When you mention Ivermectin to a lot of people; they laugh at you and mock you saying we are idiots to want to use "horse de-wormer".

Another issue that should raise red flags to any caring person, is the fact they are rolling out the vaccines to children 5-12 years of age. An age group, that if they get Covid, will only have minor flu like symptoms. They are more likely to die of the vaccine, than die of Covid-19. Which is proving true in teenagers, especially boys, sigh...
This might sound bad, but if I still had young children and they were trying to make them get vaccinated. They would do so against my cold dead body!

There are a lot of people that should know better, that refuse to believe our health officials should not be trusted. They dismiss information as untrustworthy, if they do not jive with the information our health officials are pushing. This includes doctors and scientists on the front lines against Covid-19, who warn against the vaccines.

Tell me why, we should trust them?


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