Concerning aborted baby parts being used in the vaccines.
I have researched that issue.
However, depending on who you listen/read to, you get different information on that.
I am not just talking about secular people on that issue either.
Many Christian professionals also have different takes on that as well.

I think this might be deliberate, not necessary because the Christian professionals who say there
is nothing to reports of aborted babies used in the vaccines are lying.
Rather, it could mean where they get the information themselves have pulled the wool
over their eyes.
But then again; what do I know?

As I indicated before, I have not been vaccinated either.
There are conflicting reports however, that indicate that the elderly with health issues such as COPD
would be advised to get vaccinated.
Scientists who are saying the vaccines are being used improperly are reporting this about the elderly.
They seem to think that because of the risk there is greater in them, than it is getting vaccinated, the elderly
with health concerns should consider getting vaccinated.
I do not know enough about that issue.
However, if they were allowing drugs such as Ivermectin, I doubt that would be an issue.


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