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One of the issues that I find very strange and is one of the reasons I chose not to be vaccinated for Covid-19, is the fact that in my research especially in Canada. I noticed Canada usually takes longer than many countries to approve medicines. In this case, for example vaccines take a minimum of 3+ years and usually much longer of rigorous testing. Then even after they are used on the public. If a certain amount of harm comes because of the medicine, they are discontinued.

Many years ago I knew a lady in the Church we attended, who had aggressive Cancer. She lived about 20 years with it, before it eventually claimed her life. Many say the only reason she lived that long is because in Canada and the USA, the medicines she researched that might cure her, were not allowed. For that reason every year, she went to Mexico for treatment. In her case, this was understandable, because she had nothing to lose by taking medicines that were not approved in Canada.

Not only were these Covid-19 vaccines rolled out in about 18 months; the harm done by the vaccines have far surpassed previous standards in terms of harm (even by their own stats). Many front line scientists and physicians have spoken out about these facts. However they are being ignored, or worse.

Many times I have tried to speak to people, both Christian and non-Christian and I believe the majority of the time; I am either mocked, or ignored. It appears that many of them do so because
they would rather believe the government and health care officials, wouldn't harm their citizens. Some may not like the mandates and may even mention this point. However, by and large they believe the health officials are acting for the good of the citizens. Any conflicting information to what health official peddle, is considered "conspiracy" and therefore should be rejected.

I was in a discussion with a family member and showed her something a front line doctor was saying against the vaccines. Adding that many people are completely ignoring him and other doctors.
The response I received back was: "They should be ignored, it is obvious they don't care about people." Believe me, I had to bite my tongue, because I knew at the time if I had opened my mouth, I may have ruined a relationship.

As I mentioned they may not agree with the mandates; but they believe under the circumstances the unvaccinated are forcing them to do what they need to do.
After all as one person put it: "The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner we we will be out of this mess."
Asked if they would be willing to take booster shots on average of twice a year? They respond with something like: "I will cross that bridge when it comes."