Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but in Canada there is only one media source that is actually reporting what is happening concerned what is happening in Canadian provinces.
Rebel News in an effort to report both sides of the issues, reports what is happening, such as protests, lockdowns, etc..
In many cases, the police do not even recognize Rebel News media passes. In some cases, police fine them, or even assault them.

Our police of course are in the pockets of our tyrant of a leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He has repeatedly said he refuses to recognize Rebel News as a real News Media; despite their credentials and them having won every court case so far against them. Other court cases, are coming up as well, including assault of their reporters by Trudeau body guards that were caught on camera. All this of course is causing Rebel News millions of dollars and they are only supported by their supporters. Unlike other media sources who are paid by the government. Obviously that is why those news sources are not reporting these things.

The following is some video, that is actually quite calm compared to other video I have watched. Never the less, they were prevented from doing their job. This particular video, is reporting a protest in Quebec about a curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM on all people.

I know many in the USA are watching things like this, because they know it is coming to them as well.


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