1) I've been using my trusted NASB Bible since the late 70s, and I have this question. I didn't realize the NASB has been revised but in Hebrews 12:2 instead of 'fixing our eyes", it reads "Looking only". All other translations (I guess as I only checked the ESV and KJV) use looking, not fixing. I really like 'fixing', so I wonder why it was changed as the NASB has the reputation as being the most literal.

2) I've always got the impression that Philip Melanchthon took Luther's theology more away from Calvin into what we see today in Lutheranism. I have read some history lately (Needham) that implies that Melanchthon was good friends with Calvin and was accused by other Luther's followers as becoming to Calvinistic. What is the story on that?

John Chaney

"having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith . . ." Colossians 2:7