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I've been through the book a time or two, and I see no overwhelming mass of scripture supporting Calvinism.

Indeed I can easily accept that statement as being true. For I have known several who have "been through the book a time or two" no less than you are remain enemies of God and have no interest in Christ. The "quantity" of your reading is far less important and convincing that the "quality" of that reading. Although it wasn't called "Calvinism" until after the appearance of John Calvin, the truths of what is known as Calvinism is ancient. However, its resurgence and dominance from the time of the Protestant Reformation is indisputable. "Protestantism" IS Calvinism to one degree or another. And Calvinism is a true teaching of the biblical record. It has been documented in tomes. Perhaps you should read some of them? wink

Here's one place you can start: Objections to the Doctrine of Predestination

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