Dear Joe,<br><br>There are several things that I want to address about your letter, you ask, "But, HOW can they humble 'themselves' when they DO NOT even seek for God in the first place." But I clearly stated that they must humle themselves and repent when they are convicted by the Holy Spirit. This is God drawing them, so it is God, then man, not vice-versa. I agree with you on this point.<br><br>You also wrote, "[The unregenerate] WILL NOT seek God, prior to God changing them by His grace." This is not exactly correct, they will not seek God prior to His drawing them. He draws us so that we will seek Him and THEN be changed by His grace, for only Jesus' blood can wash us from our sin.<br><br>Exactly how Acts 7:51 proves Calvinism? You wrote that, "God's elect will only resist until God reveals Himself to their spirit at which time they will be drawn away irresistibly to Christ." But how else does God reveal Himself to our spirits except by the Holy Spirit? It then becomes obvious that if a person resists the Holy Spirit (as many of the Jews did and still do), then they are resisting God as He is drawing them. There is nothing in scripture to indicate that God's drawing is irresistable.<br><br>Concerning coming to Christ, you stated "Well you are assuming they can come of their own supposed free will." You read between the lines here, for I said no such thing (I actually said the opposite in the letter that you responded to). I am of the firm belief that no one can come to Jesus unless he is drawn by the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am not an Arminian or a Calvinist, I simply believe what is clearly written in God's word. In addition, your saying, "He calls whom He choose....and ONLY them," cannot be correct, for it is written, "many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 20:16 and 22:14).<br><br>As far as what "draw" means. Yes, I am well aware that God's conviction and pulling us towards Christ are very strong, but nothing in scripture indicates that He cannot be resisted, as I pointed out from Acts 7:21.<br><br>I do not know why you put in your last argument, the part you wrote was not even what I discussed, and the part I did discuss you didn't answer. You wrote, "Only the ones FIRST given SHALL (no doubt about it) COME, and He will in NO WISE cast them out, for they are God's GIFT to Him..."<br><br>I did not argue that those who are given would not necessarily come, I pointed out that there are conditions on a person's part if he/she is to be given to Christ (which goes back to the necessity of humbling yourself before God when God draws you). And as I also stated, Christ does not cast anyone out, but God the Father will cut off anyone who does not abide in His word (John 15, Romans 11).<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh