There are several things that I want to address about your letter, you ask, "But, HOW can they humble 'themselves' when they DO NOT even seek for God in the first place." But I clearly stated that they must humble themselves and repent when they are convicted by the Holy Spirit. This is God drawing them, so it is God, then man, not vice-versa. I agree with you on this point.

Josh what does CONVICTED OF THE HOLY SPIRIT MEAN TO YOU? Do you think of it as an enablement or a change of heart?......Do you think the Holy Spirit merely assists us in being saved...I see God is your slave.... flee

You also wrote, "[The unregenerate] WILL NOT seek God, prior to God changing them by His grace." This is not exactly correct, they will not seek God prior to His drawing them. He draws us so that we will seek Him and THEN be changed by His grace, for only Jesus' blood can wash us from our sin.

But, Josh when did Jesus wash us from our sins when you rub God's magic lantern by your free will decision or was it on Calvary?

Exactly how Acts 7:51 proves Calvinism? You wrote that, "God's elect will only resist until God reveals Himself to their spirit at which time they will be drawn away irresistibly to Christ." But how else does God reveal Himself to our spirits except by the Holy Spirit? It then becomes obvious that if a person resists the Holy Spirit (as many of the Jews did and still do), then they are resisting God as He is drawing them. There is nothing in scripture to indicate that God's drawing is irresistable.

My statement was to be understood that the ELECT do not FULLY and FINALLY resist the Holy Spirit..........---you need to read the Scripture again---Look at Paul.....

As far as what "draw" means. Yes, I am well aware that God's conviction and pulling us towards Christ are very strong, but nothing in scripture indicates that He cannot be resisted, as I pointed out from Acts 7:21.

Well I am glad you see Christ is very strong, to bad you do not see He is sovereign and ALL POWERFUL also.

So you're not an Arminian? Someone must have changed the definition? puke

Reformed and Always Reforming,