Dear Joe,<br><br>In reply to:<br>"......So you think the Holy Spirit merely assists us in being saved...I see God is your slave...."<br><br>Christ washed my feet. I don't see why you have a problem with the Holy Spirit "assisting" (though He was actually guiding) me as you put it.<br><br><br>You wrote:<br>"But, Josh when did Jesus wash us from our sins when you rub God's magic latern by your free will decision or was it on Calvary?"<br><br>We are by nature the children of wrath (Ephesians 2:3), someone who is a child of wrath is not washed in the blood, therefore a man can only be washed when:<br>1. The Father draws him by the Holy Spirit<br>2. The man humbles himself and surrenders his will to God<br>3. The man is then given to Christ<br>4. The man truly believes in Jesus Christ<br><br>Then he is washed clean from his sin and is no longer a child of wrath.<br><br>You wrote:<br>"My statement was to be understood that the ELECT do not FULLY and FINALLY resist the Holy Spirit..........---you need to read the Scripture again---Look at Paul....."<br><br>I see nothing in the scripture to indicate that a man cannot fully and finally resist the Holy Spirit (they are only elect if they do not). I also see plenty of proof that they can fall away afterwards.<br><br>You wrote:<br>"Well I am glad you see Christ is very strong, to bad you do not see He is soveriegn and ALL POWERFUL also."<br><br>I do believe that Christ is sovereign and all powerful, I simply believe that He chooses not to exercise the full extent of His power all the time. I do not believe that he forces us to accept Him.<br><br>You wrote:<br>"So your nor an Armenian? someone must have changed the definition? "<br><br>An ARMENIAN? I am not from Armenia, but if you mean Arminian, then define this for me please. Also please explain to me why Revelation 22:19 doesn't contradict the doctrines of unconditional election and perseverance of the saints.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh