JoshT you make NO SENSE! YOU never answer a question, you merely answer questions with doubts, despair, and more questions:

YOU SAID: Christ washed my feet.

So now you are seeing visions!

YOU SAID: We are by nature the children of wrath

Very true and the 1st verse YOU AND ALL HUMANITY ARE DEAD in trespasses and sin. Now how does a DEAD MAN do anything to effect his own salvation? I leopard may not change his spots and unless the Holy Spirit changes your condition you can not seek for Christ. See the Scripture says that you can not SEE or ENTER the kingdom of God until you are born again (John 3).

YOU SAID: I don't see why you have a problem with the Holy Spirit "assisting" (though He was actually guiding)

So how does the Holy Spirit GUIDE a dead man to do anything without making him alive first?

The Correct Order of Salvation (abbreviated form):

Effectual Calling - Divine Act
Regeneration - Divine Act
Repentance -Divine; Human
Faith -Divine & Human
Justification -Divine
Sanctification -Divine
Adoption -Divine
Progressive Sanctification -Divine ; Human
Perseverance IN Holiness - Divine ; Human
Glorification -Divine

YOU SAID: I see nothing in the scripture to indicate that a man cannot fully and finally resist the Holy Spirit (they are only elect if they do not). I also see plenty of proof that they can fall away afterwards.

So the elect become the elect by the WORK of not resisting? By all means show us that they can fall away afterwards

YOU SAID: I do believe that Christ is sovereign and all powerful, I simply believe that He chooses not to exercise the full extent of His power all the time. I do not believe that he forces us to accept Him.

So God sometimes chooses not to be fully God...interesting theology.

Who said anything about forcing, after He irresistably draws you and changes you you willing come to Him.

And yes the Arminian SPs got me. (Sps= Spelling Police).

By the way Rev was already answered:

Reformed and Always Reforming,