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[color:red]But I see no evidence as to why your explanation is accurate and mine is not. Mine seems to make a bit more sense considering the context. As to your second question, two notable examples are Simeon and Anna.

Sorry, last first, how were Anna and Simeon not of the elect? And thus Christ's sheep? For some reason you seem to think that election applies only to those who have been identified. When in reality it applies to all of God's chosen. Anna and Simeon being one of them.

As to your lack of sight, well that is the crux of the matter isn't it? You fail to see what is clearly taught in scripture. Pilgrim, Joe, Paul, all have pointed out why your statements are incorrect but you just can't see them. Ergo your spiritual astigmatism causes you to proclaim you see clearly when you have need of that eye salve that cures.

On an personal note: the quote was from the original, and while I like a good Bruce Campbell flick as much as the next man, you really ought to see the one where Patricia O' Neal and Michael Rennie made it famous.