Dear Brother Josht<br><br>-- YOU wrote <br>----------------------------------------------------------<br>And just because a person is "glorified" as spoken of in Romans, does not preclude them from falling just as the then glorious Lucifer did; also note that we who are alive have not yet attained to the resurrection (Philippians 3:12), and are not yet in our final, eternal, glorious state. And no, God is not mistaken in His foreknowledge; for even if He knows that one may fall away after he or she receives Him, He may still give him or her a chance for the sake of His promises (such as to give of the water of life freely).<br>--------------------------------<br><br><br>Yes, believers are not glorified yet. It is future. However, Romans 8:28-30, makes a bold statement that God pronounces those Whom... He predestined...He Glorified. No in the sense that they are yet, but shall be. See Romans 8:29-30, Goes from God’s actions in eternity past (Foreknew, Predestination), to actions in time( Calling, Justifiaction), to a future action(Glorification). True believers will see their glorification. Romans 8:29 begins with “FOR”. This is an indication of the reason behind the previous statement(s). Thus, Roms 29-30 is the basis of why Romans 8:28 can says all things work together for “GOOD” to those who love God, who have been CALLED ACCORDING to HIS PURPOSE... So I ask, is ‘falling away ‘a good thing’ to those who have been called???? If that is case, I see no force or the logic behind the statement that Paul ends with in the 8th chapter, that NOTHING in ALL of creation can SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD. Does not a Christian’s life begin with regeneration & conversion. Is this not a work of God? Does not Phil 1:6 says that “that HE[GOD] who BEGAN a GOOD work in you WILL carry it on to COMPLETION UNTIL the day of Christ Jesus. God’s plan is not spoke in terms of “Chance”. God’s plan is definite. The believers are sealed for the day of redemption and have the Holy Spirit as His arrabon ( downpayment), “guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God's possession ( eph 1:14)” <br><br> Also I disagree with your comparison of Lucifer’, and the believers Glorificatino in Heaven. I believe that a saint in heaven will be unable to sin. Instead the believers in heaven are like Christ.. for the scriptures state that they are “predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son( Romans 8)” and “shall be like Him[Christ]” (John 3:3).<br><br>God Bless, and pray that we all may continue to learn from one another.<br><br>brother In Christ,<br>Carlos

"Let all that mind...the peace and comfort of their own souls, wholly apply themselves to the study of Jesus Christ, and him crucified"(Flavel)