Dear Paul,<br><br>That was kind of a loaded question, kind of like "have you stopped beating your wife yet?". I believe what I believe not because of how good it makes me feel, but because it is what I read in God's word.<br><br>As to my "irreconcilably contradictory statements," let me clarify if I have been a bit vague:<br><br>I said:<br>"I too believe that no one can stop God from doing what He is determined to do"<br><br>and<br><br>"I personally believe from the context of these passages that God does want to draw us to His grace"<br><br>Then you wrote:<br>"In other words "God wants to draw us to Himself, but He is not determined to bring it to pass"<br><br>When I say determined (in that context anyway), I mean that God is determined to do it no matter what. Some examples of this are the second coming of Christ and God's judgement of the nations (nothing can stop those). The Bible never indicates that God is determined to irresistably draw anyone to Him, He does wish to draw people to Himself, and He no doubt could do it irresistably if that were His will, but this is not indicated in scripture.<br><br>The Saviour that I serve is the one revealed in the Bible, and He can save all who will hear Him. He does not need my help, I need His grace. He recreated me by His grace, but He also requires that I continue in it (Acts 13:43). God made an oath to all that are His heirs, but this oath is only to those who are heirs of the promise by faith (Romans 4:13). <br><br>In response to:<br>"Do we have two different Gospels here?"<br><br>No. All of the basic beliefs that a man must hold to be saved are contained within Calvinism, Arminianism, and whatever it is called that I believe. There is also no heretical teaching, and it is generally accepted among these groups that the other is not heretical, simply incorrect.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh