Dear Prestor John,<br><br>IRT:<br>"What I'm trying to state is that you are adding conditions to the term "sheep". <br><br>In John 10 Christ makes no such distinction."<br><br>I have not read any conditions into the passage. The characteristics of Christ's sheep are made plain,<br><br>* They hear His voice (vs 4 & 27)<br>* They are known of Him (27)<br>* They follow Him (4, 27)<br>* They will not follow a stranger (5)<br><br>The last characteristic proves that the redeemed are Christ's sheep, for His sheep will not hear the voice of another. If you think Christ's sheep include people that are yet to be saved, then it would be logical to conclude that no one who has ever been in a cult could ever be saved, for they have heeded the voice of another, and therefore cannot be of Christ's sheep.<br><br>No one has yet presented me with a scriptural or logical reason to believe that Revelation 22:19 is not a literal and relevant admonition.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh