Joe,<br><br>Just came upon this long running thread. Wanted to add that it is wrong to tell Josh he needs to repent for having a different view on God's Word than you or the others here. If you haven't noticed, every Christian on the planet is not a Calvinist. Yours and Josh's are not the only views on Scripture. Point is, Josh believes in Christ as his saviour, so do you, the rest is secondary, no repentance needed on your end for that Josh. Josh has strong views that he is standing by and so do you, but don't fault him for standing by them as others in this forum have, you stand by yours just the same. Josh should have the same respect. There seem to be so many people out there that know for sure that they have the facts all wrapped up, and to me that translates into a self-righteous attitude to think one has all of the answers, and from what I have read both he and others have it all right. Quick fact, nobody on this earth, not one, has it all right when it comes to Christianity and Christian living. The debating is wonderful, it is just people getting frustrated and putting others down and telling them they are not right with God because of their view that is foul to me.<br><br>baseball