Joe,<br>I was in no way trying to say Josh's errors were not serious. I have read this whole long thread and participated in it. I am not disagreeing with you except I would hesitate to say that Josh is unsaved because of his errors. I said " I would not assume to know if Josh is or is not a Christian. I do believe he is in error against the plain teaching of scripture."<br>The reason I am saying this is that Arminians can be saved, even if they are wrong about the sovereignty of God. R.C. Sproul said that for 5 years he resisted reformed teaching until he could deny it no longer. He was confronted with it over and over in the Bible until he could deny it no longer. He was also a Charismatic for a time. I believe it is safe to say he was a true Christian during this time, but he was wrong. I am not saying it is OK to be wrong. God holds us responsible for our errors. It is not His fault if we are not discerning of the truth, it is our own fault. If we have been warned and shown the truth and continue obstinate in that error, then I do doubt whether the Holy Spirit is indwelling that person. But I believe we can all be deceived temporarily in what we believe and still be Christians.<br>I hope and pray that this is the case with Josh and that God will give him a true understanding. If he is not a child of God I pray that God will have mercy on him and draw him to the Savior.<br>Susan